Individual Eyelash Extension Sets

Prices For Silk Or Mink Extension

Half Set (35-40 lashes per eye )79
Full Set (75-80 lashes per eye)139
Glamorous (85-100)179

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Set

50% Individual Extensions and 50% Volume Extensions

Hybrid Full Set199
Hybrid Glam Set220

Super Flat Eyelash Extension Sets


Half Set (35-40 lashes per eye )85
Full Set (75-80 lashes per eye )145
Glamorous (85-100)185

Russian Volume Extension Set

2D Up To 8D Lashes

Russian Volume 2D-3D 205
Russian Volume 4D-5D 245
Russian Volume 5D+ 300

Individual Extension Infills

Half Infill (30min) 65
Full Infill (45min) 85
Extra Full Infill (60min) 95

Super Flat Extension Infills

Half Infill (30min) 69
Full Infill (45min) 89
Extra Full Infill (60min) 99

Volume Extension Infills

Volume Half Infill (1h)105
Volume Full Infill (1h 15min)115
Volume Extra Full Infill (1h 30min)135

Hybrid Extension Infills

Hybrid Half Infill (1h)99
Hybrid Full Infill ( 75min)105
Hybrid Extra Full Infill (1h 30min)110

Other Services

Lash Lift with Lash Boost and Tint119
Lash Lift 89
Lash Lift With Tint 99
Lash Tint 25
Brow Tidy21
Brow Tint 19
Package (Brow Tidy, Tint, Lash Tint)45