lash lift 2-minNowadays it is so hard to keep up to date with all the beauty trends. They change almost daily. New eyeliner trend, new lip gloss trend etc. . In all honesty we think every woman should just tailor their own look and wear/ use what makes them feel confident and comfortable.

What is Lash Lift? Can you imagine having your eyelashes naturally curly day and night?! It is totally possible with Lash Lift.

A little bit about the procedure. There are specially designed silicon pads that will be placed on the eyelids. From then on a special perming lotion will be applied on the natural lash, then setting lotion. If client wishes tint will be applied to get the lashes looking thicker and fuller. To finish up a nourishing lotion will be applied. Eyelashes will be cleaned and voila – gorgeous curly and dark lashes without any extensions. The service takes max 60min and the results last up to 8 weeks with no maintenance. Only thing to consider is that after the procedure it is not allowed to get eyelashes wet for 24 hours.

So if you are fed up with curler and 5 coats of mascara every morning, we would strongly advise giving a Lash Lift a go. At Eye Beautify we pride ourselves on using the highest quality products for safe procedure.

Lash Lift Before and After




A video to show the procedure and result!